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LOST is a Game.com is a fan website created to present my theory that the ABC television show LOST is actually a video game that is similar to THE SIMS. Why choose The SIMS as an example of a video game? That's simple, Lenny Sims is the guy who gave Hurley the numbers.

This site was also designed to be a resource for all LOST fans. There is a tremendous amount of information included on this site, including the most complete lists of LOST games, mistakes and duplicates available anywhere.


For all of you skeptics out there, I suggest that you start with the Playing and Roles pages for an explanation of how I believe the game is played.

You will find that my theory provides a complete explanation of what LOST actually is. A video game. And I am thrilled to be able to say that each Season of LOST has only made my theory stronger and stronger. And I defy any fan out there to show me another comprehensive theory that is as strong as mine, or one that can so consistently predict what will happen on LOST.

After reading Playing and Roles you'll understand that:

LOST is a Game with 6 levels
There are specific objectives for each level
There are time limits in each level
There are numerous roles that each character is manipulated into and out of
There are points that can be earned for certain activities
There are specific instructions/rules for the game
And there are game prompts that lead the player through the game and result in all the duplicates

"It's all in the details" Sawyer S2E13

A special note of thanks:
I would like to extend my thanks to Charlie and David at LOST HATCH.com. We started working together to catalogue LOST game references back in October of 2005. They were incredibly helpful in the Spring of 2006 when I asked for their advice about establishing my own site. They encouraged me to do so and offered wonderful advice and input prior to the launching of this site in the Summer of 2006. I can not thank them enough.



"You're just not looking at the big picture, Doc." Sawyer S1E3

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